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Questions about 100%

I want to run this. Just have questions.

There are 2x48 exosuit slots, one is called general the other is called cargo. Upgrade both or just the general exosuit slots?

About the EXTREME SURVIVAL milestone. This requires you to stay on an extreme planet without entering your ship for 8 hours and needs to be done in one session. I plan on sleeping and letting my character inside a base doing nothing, game and timer keeps going. If my pc crashes and Livesplit resets at that point, can the timer also be considered,

(last save time when finally reaching center and fulfilling all category rules-first save time)?

The game makes the first save on it's own when you create a new game. I run it on steam-pc. It crashed while i was sleeping, 20 hours into the game that is why i ask about the game save timer. I will probably do the artemis-apollo-null questline too, feels more complete.

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I don't think 100% was meant to be taken seriously, as there's no proper definition. 18 quintillion planets and all that.

Closest thing would be all trophies/platinum%. You could go for Max Inventory, or Max Units, or Max what can be maxed, but you'd probably be missing something.

You'd want the Timer going at all times, so if it stop or your PC crashes, you're probably out of luck and would have to start again from the beginning. If it's one long recording then it shouldn't be a problem, as Timers are nice but not mandatory.

I don't know where you got this First Save idea from; the game's first save comes from when you hit a Save Point/Exit your ship first. If you want to use the reference time of your run as the length of your file you can do that, though it'd be a few minutes inaccurate.


I mean the (100%) speedrun, not the (18 quintillion 100%). That is what it is called in the game category, and has these rules:

---------> Timer ends when you reach the center. You MUST complete the Atlas Quest. You MUST get 60 Milestones (Max Milestone), 48 Slot Exosuit, 48 Slot Ship, and 24 Slot Mutli-Tool. <-------

This one i meant. I did it in almost 24 hours. Game crashed once at the same milestone( the one you have to stay in an extreme planet for 8 hours). Timer didn't crash. I have all the video. I think the problem is storms and how long you stay inside them, not sure about it tho. So i made a big house and avoided them every time they made an appearance. There is multiple instances i open the tab that has the ''load save data'' i think it's called, which has time and date, livesplit is always shown. Uploading it will take a while i think, i tried to be as valid as possible. My main concern was my whole pc crashing not so much the game.

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I support you. If you get the run verified I will try it too.

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Just have to wait for 3-4 days until the video gets uploaded. XD I realized that the milestones are a maximum of 90 not 60. This accounts for the journey milestones. I suspect this run might be based on previous version of the game. The idea of such a challenge is really nice because you need to combine different aspects of the game. It's is a lot more about managing things and finding creative ways to do it.

-A requirement being to upgrade your ship to max slots forces you to make 3 billion units roughly. -A requirement being to upgrade your exosuit to max slots requires you to explore many different systems. -A requirement being to make all primary missions(or at least the atlas quest as the rules say) is the only fixed goal and everything else can be made in many ways. -Those time consuming requirements with some creativity can benefit each other and other aspects towards the end goal. I found that really appealing.

If you try it, you will have 8 hours that you need to stay on an extreme planet without entering your ship to get the extreme survival milestone . You can use that time to achieve the walk milestone, killing sentinels milestone, and if you need to craft anything to make billions of units this is probably the best timing to do it. I should have made my hundred of thousands of chlorine units there, not at the first paradise planet i found. I might try it again at some point, but damn it was exhausting.

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