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3 years ago

Hey, I'm still new into speedrunning/recording and just uploaded a run for Ninja Crusader. I have captured my whole screen with OBS and at the beginning of my video I showed how i connected my switch pro controller to my laptop, how i usw anti-micro to map the R-button to the changed button input on nestopia to reset the game. I also showed how i setup the nestopia emulator itself, recording the .nsv file included. My actual run starts 5:30 into the video.

Do I always have to do this for a valid verification or can a cut the video down to the actual run, upload that to youtube and submit the run?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the complicated question ;)


That is the mentioned recording of my run btw


There is google document with "General rules for speedrunning NES games" in "View rules" section at the top of game's page. In terms of inputs, the main rule is one NES button = one input, for example mapping 1 NES button to 2 keyboard keys is not allowed, as well as mapping 1 keyboard key to 2 NES buttons. Video cutting is mentioned in the document. If you feel any information could be important, you can add it to "Description" section when submitting a run.


@ANGEL_UNDEAD: Thx a lot and sorry for the "dumb" question again. I just wanted to make sure, that i can record and submit legit runs now.

I already upload another run that I'm quite proud of. If I hadn't messed up the last boss fight, it would have been sub 5 min. :D

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