NG+ Coop

I was wondering why there is separate leaderboards for 2, 3 and 4 player coop for normal any% but the NG+ doesn't have these?

I was wondering because myself and some friends were wanting to run the NG+ coop 3 player but there wasn't a leaderboard for it.


I just noticed that on the IL leaderboards the NG+ category is split into 2, 3 and 4 players which seems odd if the full game NG+ isn't split this way.


Hi, i'm the new mod from this game, cause i wanted to do some changements to the leaderboard. I've seen that problem you talking about, and it was configured for it already, but there was an error. I fixed that, so, all is fine now ;) .

I also added the difficulties to the solo NG and NG+ categories, for those who want more challenge :) . Unfortunately, i think add that to the co-op categories is a little too much for the readability to the categories, and it makes way more different categories. If it's a problem for some people who want to try co-op AND harder difficulties at the same time, i think there is a way to do it properly. But for now, it's like that and it's already a great progression i believe :) .

Have Fun and be free to test the new categories ;)

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Yeah, the coop difficulties could be quite interesting but it's probably not worth it right now.

Hopefully in the future if there is interest in running them then that could be changed.

I would be interested in running a 4 person hardcore mode on ps4


Ok, i added a new variable, you can change the difficulty now. The only thing is it's not a sub-category actually, but just for info. But since there is no time in these categories actually it's doesn't matter

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