Low% and Pacifist Rule Changes (No Health/1-Ups Allowed)
2 months ago
United States

Hey guys. I just wanted to drop a message here regarding health pickups and 1-up pickups in the runs for Low% and Pacifist.

Discussion with the other mods has led to the decision that NG2 should follow along with the lines that the other games have set for low%. The rules for Low% have been changed, wherein you cannot pick up health pickups or 1-ups. We believe this is more reflective of the nature of how the low% run should be done. Regarding this decision, legacy runs which do contain a health pickup before the rules had been modified will remain on the board.

The rules for Pacifist have also been modified slightly. There had been no clarification or mention of 1-up pickups for the run previously regarding 1-ups. 1-ups are no longer allowed for either Low% or Pacifist. During this discussion with the mods, the topic of the 'killing' of enemy projectiles came about. We believe that the Pacifist run should allow for Ryu to destroy enemy projectiles. These projectiles are -created by another enemy- (fireballs, boulders, bullets, baron spider's spiders, etc.) The destruction of these projectiles will no longer invalidate a run.

Again, any legacy times on the board which had been approved before this change will remain posted. If anyone has any questions, feel free to DM me for any clarification regarding the changes. One additional note: more eagle-eyed runners may notice that the current world record for both low% and Pacifist have pickups which break these rules: I will be working to get a new PB sometime soon for both categories so this will no longer be the case. Both records are very beatable.

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