Why do people play with the dashboard camera?
6 years ago
Arizona, USA

Do a lot of people just like that point of view or what?

Czech Republic

Dash or bumper cam generally allows you to point the car into a corner more precisely, because you can directly see where the front-end of your car points, unlike with far/roof cam where you just see your car tilted when cornering.

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Södermanland, Sweden

I've played bumper cam since i was a kid so that's what i prefer automatically, i can't play at all with Close or Far camera (except when drifting)

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Arizona, USA

So bumper cam is the commonly referred to name? Lol

Södermanland, Sweden

Hood cam = Nubz Bumper cam = Pro Kappa

United States

with hood/bumper cam u get a better sense of direction but with far cam it just looks cool

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