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I've ran runs on hard console and EMU. How are people getting into the first map within 15 seconds. Even on EMU i wont get into the map until 25 seconds? My computer runs the game fine, how is this possible. It matters since apparently in game time counts loading screen so id surely like to know.


I don't know if this makes a huge difference but my runs were done on second attempts after startup which might speedup load times due to caching the tracks.

And what do you mean by In Game Time counts the Loading Screen? As far as I was aware IGT was only your lap times. Excluding menuing and loads.


Which emulator are you using? I had already ran a few runs and it was still the same amount of time, sometimes even slower.

If you look in my other post on the forums you can see that i asked if loading screen counted as in game time and the reply was that it was.

I understand if it is counted but its annoying how without a discrepancy in loading time im only 8 seconds off wr but with loading its literally a minute. Just wanted to make sure things are clear since no one is ever here.

Thanks for your time 🙂


I definitely dont understand where those extra 30 odd some seconds are coming from in your run that arent from lap time.


i am using EPSXE 2.0.5

i dont really see how the loads would be part of In Game Time tho since usually IGT in racing games is just the laptime added up and i would assume that the difference would be down to his driving being better. but i can always take a look later

After doing a look at the IGT between both runs, he simply has faster laps than i do. i will also make a note in the rules stating that IGT is just the lap times


Alright i was just making sure my EMU wasnt wacky or something.

I just dont think i understand the timing method. Since your times are 4:37.18 - 4:08.12 - 3:56.65

That comes out to 12:01.95 so why is your IGT 12:41.95?


Where did you get that 12:01? i ran the numbers through a few different time calcs and with a few other people which all came to 12:41.95.


Oh no you're 100% correct i was looking at it wrong. My bad

Thanks for clearing that up i really appreciate it.

Sorry for wasting your time with me being an idiot 😉