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New Speedrun Bug Fixes & Improvements

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Bug fixes and improvements from July 16-26, 2023

New Speedrun Bug Fixes & Improvements
Published 1 month ago

Hey everybody! First of all we would like to thank every one of you who took the time to report bugs and give us feedback on the new site rewrite, we really appreciate it! Let's take a look into some of the changes our developers have implemented over the last week, shall we?

Bug Fixes


  • General: OG/SEO image URL fixed
  • Reduced cache TTL on comments
  • Fixed various missing translations
  • Fixed OG/Twitter metadata to be a full URL instead of a relative path
  • Fixed user account deletion not working correctly
  • Validate username regex for all services during edit and display
  • Fixed overflow issue in run views on the Home page, User page, and the "Recent Runs" widget.
  • Fixed content type of uploaded images


  • Fixed milliseconds not always showing properly
  • Archiving a subcategory value now properly removes it from game leaderboards.
  • Fixed a bug that caused runs to not be properly obsoleted if they were associated with an archived value.
  • Properly orphan runs that are associated with an archived level, category, or subcategory value.
  • Fix timer bug with WR chart on stats page
  • Games: leaderboards now show the correct timers
  • Games: leaderboards now properly updated when submitting a run with autoverify


  • Fixed broken Bilibili video embeds
  • Fixed rounding of milliseconds in run submission form


  • Fixed username component sometimes showing extra suffix


  • Hide unread indicator for forums with no threads
  • Fix pagination links in thread list
  • Properly detect mentions to all valid usernames


  • Verifiers can now edit runs
  • Series Super Mods can now create new games in the series
  • Various other permissions related issues


  • Notifications: fix redirect paths of some notifications
  • Notifications: fix duplicate notifications bug



  • Various Performance Improvements
  • Various backend improvements
  • Added pagination to comments
  • Improve detection of many service usernames
  • Highlight archived values in run views on the Run page, and on the Mod Hub.
  • Properly redirect old paths to reasonable places
  • Improve latest runs view on Home page
  • Added tooltips for everything without a label
  • Loading bar improvements


  • Increase max length of text in guides and news posts
  • Edit comment and Delete comment are now separate permissions
  • Added Recent Runs widget
  • Allow changing permissions for guides and resources (now defaults to "allow all")
  • Allow pan and zoom on WR chart on stats page
  • Don't show level stats if there are no level runs
  • Improved variable settings related to category and level scope
  • Made misc button on leaderboards stand out a bit more
  • Added new "Game Stats" widget in sidebar


  • Added "new forum thread" page (formerly a bad modal)
  • Renamed sticky to "pin" to go with the new icon
  • Added permalink icon to thread comments
  • Layout improvements


  • Added About tab
  • Added multiplayer details to runs view
  • Improved runs view
  • Improved threads and comments tabs
  • Improved display of grouped usernames


  • Added notifications for comment and forum mentions
  • Improve performance of notifications

That’s it for now! This is a list of fixes and improvements that have already been updated on the new site. Thank you for your patience as we continue to work through a list of known issues. Even now we are still working our way through feedback/bug reports from various platforms. Additional updates are coming soon!

We are committed to improving the user experience on Speedrun through bug fixes, improvements to current features as well as developing new features. If you’d like to help with this process, please submit your bug reports and feedback to the Support Hub to ensure it gets seen!

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