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Beta Features Going Public - Featured Run and Game Ordering

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Today, we're pushing two new features from beta into the public! Let's take a look at the new Game Ordering and Featured Run features.

Beta Features Going Public - Featured Run and Game Ordering
Published 1 year ago

Hey all! First of all, I want to give a massive thanks to everyone for the amazing feedback on our current round of beta features - we’re excited to be pushing these into public access right now! Let’s take a peek at these shiny new features.

Game Groups

As a Supporter, you can now group games together! (Note, this is the only part of this update exclusive to Supporter - the rest of Game Ordering is free for all)

Once games have been grouped, you can rename them, assign them a color and best of all…

Game Ordering… now with Drag & Drop!

You can now Drag & Drop games within Game Ordering! Sort by “Custom” and you can organize your runs to your hearts content! This makes it much easier to organize your profile :) If you have games grouped together, you can even adjust the position of entire run groups!

Also please keep in mind, this Drag & Drop feature is actually going to be rolled out where appropriate across the site once it's ready. This means that potentially any place with a “list” (levels, categories, variables, etc) which is currently using up and down arrows for navigation, will have drag and drop ordering implemented as well - exponentially increasing the ease of modifying these lists.

Featured Runs

Featuring a run lets you pin a preview of the run up at the top of your profile. You can feature one full game run, and one individual level run!

They don’t have to be PBs either, if for whatever reason you’d like to feature an old obsolete run that you’re more proud of - you can do that as well. :)

Coming up next

In the last month, we have reflected on about two years worth of feedback surrounding the current leaderboard experience and sent out a survey created by our UX Designer (big thank you to those who filled that out!). We are now full steam ahead on the leaderboard rework! For those of you who have taken part in our UX interviews, thank you so much once again :) They were a MASSIVE help.

Although nothing is concrete yet, Supporters can also expect some fresh new beta features to play with shortly if that’s something you’re interested in!

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