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Wanted to make a Thread for this game for General Discussions, Tips, Strategies, and calling for evidence for times.

If anyone wants proof for a user that doesn't have any video evidence of screenshots up (like me) just post here and I'll reach out to them.

Similarly, if anyone wants evidence for my times let me know. I babysit my sisters during the day so I often don't feel like uploading proof. But if anyone wants videos or screenshots I can provide those for every one of my times no problem.

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Cool, I want a video for this run you made:

It'll be cool to see how lucky you were.


Hey all, I'm curious as to if the mods would accept a hand recorded video of a couple of the times I got on the Super Mario Bros 3 ILs, since I still need to get another hdmi cable before I can record the game directly/steam runs.

Thank you!


We have a couple people who recorded using a cell phone and just put them on youtube. So that's perfectly fine. 🙂


Well two weeks later and I finally set up my elgato, and streamed running the plays all on twitch, so just need to clip them now!

Edit: Would there happen to be a discord for this game (and others in it's series)?


Oh and I went ahead and submitted the first fourth of my stream's runs, and will finish those tomorrow!