Posting Runs
8 months ago
United States

My grandson and I play this game all the time and go back and forth beating each other's records. It just dawned on me to check and see if there were world records for this game. As it turns out, we have quite a few runs that beat the scores posted here. However, I can't figure out how to submit them.

If this game is still accepting submissions, would it be okay to take a clear phone video of the replay data uploaded to YouTube as proof? Thanks for any help!


Hi yes you can do that exactly, on any level leaderboard page you have a "Submit run" button. The button should bring you to this page where you can fill the game, stage, time and link to your video.

United States

I don't see the button, but I think maybe it's because my account is brand new. I'll wait a week and see if it shows up. Thank you!