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A bit of a gripe on my end, as I'm currently working through every level in the game trying to beat the time/tie it (have about 20 levels done so far), and seeing levels like Remix 1 level 1 have the record be a few milliseconds below the next one and not having any proof to their time (afaik) is a bit annoying.


We didn't require evidence because of the sheer volume of ILs, but made it so that Proofcalling was easy to do, since the game saves times and replays. We've had proofcalls done multiple itmes before, so if there's a time you aren't sure about and want to proofcall, feel free and I'll reach out for you. We basically tried to do similar to Cyberscore which was the main location for NES Remix scores/times for a while.

EDIT: Remix I Level 1 has a video for the #1 time, did you mean a different one?


"We basically tried to do similar to Cyberscore which was the main location for NES Remix scores/times for a while."

This is a confusing statement. As far as I can tell, Cyberscore still is the main location for NES Remix scores. It has more than double the submissions per chart. Most of the records on Cyberscore are better than here too. It also has an overall scoreboard and medal table, which this place lacks.


I'm confused by your post. You don't have to put a context to my post that's not there. If you prefer that board, you're more than welcome to go to it. I don't know why so many seem to come here to whine about instead of just using Cyberscore if they prefer it.

The reason I said that is because on Cyberscore (back when I used it years ago) anyone can post anything regardless of proof or not. That's when I made the post here when we did the same. The reason I made it is because this site wants to be the central hub for all speedruns, and people wanted their ILs for NES Remix on their same profile on one single site.

But we don't allow people to freely post anymore since people tried to abuse that here like they did on Cyberscore. While you'd have to report something there, we can look at a time and see if it's in the realm of possibility, and if someone has an issue can proofcall.

You're welcome to keep using Cyberscore. No one is forcing you to come here and post complaints for whatever reason you feel the need to.


I honestly didn't realize people still speedrun/talk about NES Remix II.


All my times have videos as proof 🙂 but I can understand the lack of video as frustrating as some levels feel like its impossible to get that time... but as yet all the ones I have tried have been possible to get that time and sometimes beat it!


Late reply to this, but I believe what I was complaining about was Remix 2 Stage 1 as I haven't figured out how someone could get anything faster than 2.1 seconds. I didn't know there was another board as well!