Super Mario Bros. 3
6 years ago

So this is a new way of playing games for me, therefore any tricks and tips I learn for each level on Super Mario Bros. 3 I will post below... Also if you have any questions on the videos then please just comment below (or message me etc..)

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Stage 6/16... ok so this is where it starts getting tricky, the rest up until now have required very little in terms of tricks. Seems this level takes in some tricks they use in speed running. Especially on the first section, as you can see the key to this time is getting the P-Run early on. There's a huge amount of logic to how this happens, but basically you need to make the computer think your running continuous. Get lots of little jumps and plenty of time on the ground and the P-Run should fill up in no time. Also at the end of the 1st section you can jump of the last platform and over the ?-block or you can just run straight off on the floor under the ?-block. Each way both resulted in same time.

video for reference:


So finally completed the set of 16 Super Mario Bros. 3 levels. Overall opinion is that there is a couple of really tricky records out there for a couple of these stages, also some I think are right on the max. Definitely think a couple can be improved on with times, so look forward to seeing those. Did find out that there's a couple of ways of doing a level, any level with multiple sections can be redone if you die and the replay doesn't show the death. For example of you have a crap section before it ends, just kill yourself and you can get to do that section again. I think from my video's there is one like this, which I felt bad for as true skill is doing all sections in one life (I will come back to that record and do it though out of principle). If anyone wants to attempt the records please check my videos out as unlike the replays you can see the times the game counts as the SMB3 clock (at the bottom differs in seconds). If you need any help then please let me know and i'll try to answer all I can! To end the post here is the last video 16/16 (you can manipulate the fire balls) ... So now do I go left (Punch-Out!!) or right (Dr. Mario)?!?!