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When I started running this game, I lamented that a speedrun would have to involve skipping the songs -- the only skippable cutscenes -- and that's a tragedy.

So I decided I'd do an "All Songs" speedrun where you let them play. Some folks on Twitter agreed this was the correct category.

But in Any% you can skip the songs, and stop time when you defeat the boss and lose control. And, at the suggestion of a friend, I have the Any% time start at the first save point, so you can reload that save to reset instead of playing 10 minutes of mostly-unskippable intro.

Anyone else who's interested, are there adjustments I should make?

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I might go back to starting any% when you choose "New Game", there's too many uncertainties about how to define the start otherwise. Getting feedback on Twitter:

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I'm new to Napple so forgive me if this is a dumb question, but why not have a 100% or all Paffets category? The Paffets are great and I'd love an excuse to collect them all.

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all paffets is a category I've been thinking of also! I haven't managed to accomplish it, with the ways that this game can lock you out of progress, but if you can, that's great

I assume that all paffets would require delivering all the furniture paffets to their recipients, not just making them and having them in storage, right? It seems like a reasonable 100%-ish category.

(I think true 100% would involve getting all Straynap's Diary entries which means playing through the game an unreasonable number of times)

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