Should emulators really be banned?
4 years ago
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I messaged the mod, Gqro, about this as well, but I think that disallowing emulators is one reason this leaderboard is empty. It's too much of a barrier for most people to get started.

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First of all, I'd just like to state that I might be interested in running this game. And, since this is a Japanese language only game, yes they should be allowed. Especially, since an English translated romhack was released in october 2019.

I'd also like to point out that since this post and website are in English it's obvious why changing the rules to allow playing the game in English should be a thing.

Personally I don't know why emulators shouldn't be allowed but I think that conversation can be had once people are running this game.

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Great to hear that you're also interested! And yeah I just talked to Gqro and there's really no reason for the rule.

Gqro made me a mod, so we can change the rule now!

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And yeah, English should definitely be allowed, to make the game much more accessible. I've done a run in English. I started learning the run in Japanese but that shouldn't be a barrier to entry.

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If I want to try running this in English can I run it patched in English on an actual Dreamcast or would I have to run it emulated if I want to run it that way?

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An update I should mention in this thread is that I split the categories, because I found out about the significant timing differences that were putting console runs at a huge disadvantage. The GD-ROM in a Dreamcast has longer loading times, of course, and I also discovered that Flycast does not emulate lag that happens on the real Dreamcast.

So Mikeke, I currently believe the English patch (burned onto a CD) would be fine to run as a non-emulated run, but I admit that I've never tried it.

If it changes the number of text boxes, that's a tiny difference because text boxes can be instantly mashed through, and also English text probably takes up more text boxes than Japanese anyway. My partner who knows more about the Dreamcast tells me that a burned CD would probably be slower than the actual game disc.

If it's a modded Dreamcast that loads games off a flash drive instead of an optical disc, though -- I know these exist and kinda wish I owned one -- that'd make a lot more sense to group in with the emulated category, because it would load so much faster.

OK, that all makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the update!


Hi everyone!

I actually made my first run of Any% with my GD-EMU (flashdrive reader) and it is actually much faster than emulator. There is an average of 2-3 seconds of loading time frame vs 5 seconds with emulator. (I simply compared the 2 first loading screens of the run).

Here is the link of my run if interested:

I managed to check with a software called Unload. You can load your video and see how many frames have a specified logo or tag that represent the "loading" frames. Which apply perfectly for this game.

Link of the software:

This makes another step for submission which is not a good way of getting new runners. but this could make it even more accessible and merging Emu with console. Since i'm really not into emulator and love to play on my modded Dreamcast (hehehehe!).

at least, I would be very interested to compared the overall run of loading times vs CD and emulator. I could make a short tutorial if interested.

Here is the report of Unload for my run:

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