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Hello, I was confused about something and need clarification please.
in Guides, FAR confg Guide, it says "As of November 2021, FAR (Fix Automata Resolution) will be required for all leaderboard submissions due to a framerate glitch found in both Steam releases of the game" and in Game Rules it's mentioned there are 3 methods to show fps counter one of them is FAR.

My question is can I use Steam fps counter or Nvidia GForce Experience fps counter? or FAR is a must? Because in Game Rules it says FAR isn't the only method that's required but in Guides it says FAR is required.

I apologize for the long question just got confused, thank you for your help.

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I believe what is required now is an EASILY VISIBLE fps counter on screen at all times. (Anyone else who see's this feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) as far as I am able to understand from conversations in the discord channel, FAR is no longer a requirement to submit due to a large amount of runners running into issues with the mod.

All the information can be found in the drakenier discord. the link is if you haven't already joined.

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Thank you!

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What Scoof said.

But just for anyone else who happens upon this thread in the future, always trust the game rules tab over what the guides say, even if they're written by mods. We keep the rules updated, but it's easy for us to forget to update guides lol

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