Marky's Cheat Table

(direct download)

By MarceloMarcelo

Marky's Practice Tool Kana v4.0

The version of Marky's tool I currently use. v4.0 Updates: - MUTED this damn tool. No more ON OFF ON OFF. - Changed Mario Kart warp to Rainbow Road. - Added warps for Negotiations Skip, Rollercoaster, and Mansplaining 2Bubzia Trick. - Increased SPEED toggle to 5x rather than 3x. (direct download)

By MarceloMarcelo

Save Editor (external link)

By CensoredUsername

Save import tool

Made by Fog (direct download)

By RemetsuRemetsu

[A]ny% Splits, Subsplits, and Autosplitter Setup (external link)

By KanarisKanaris



(direct download)

By FullestFullest


(direct download)

By FullestFullest


Save may be changed depending on route/rules. (direct download)

By CeciliyaCeciliya


NG+ save for the [A] run or [E] run. Save may be changed depending on route. (direct download)

By CeciliyaCeciliya

Prologue practice file

Save file begins in Silo 1 in Prologue. Weapon set 1 is set to Virtuous Treaty on light and Virtuous Contract on heavy, emulating what would be performed in a real run. EXP, Recoveries and Buffs reflect the same conditions as a real [A] Normal run. (direct download)

By Isum1644Isum1644

[A] Ending Practice Saves (VC2+nospear OR VC3+spear)

To be used with Fog's Save Importer Tool. These practice saves are up to date, featuring differences from Fog's saves such as: - DDG equipped - System chips sold past Pascal Buys - No unnecessary saves at out-of-the-way access points There are two routes to choose from: - Route 1 (Stable! VC2, no spear) - Route 2 (Experimental! VC3, spear) Both routes are identical until "3. Amusement Park - Savescum". After that save they differ, as that is when spear is obtained in the experimental route. (direct download)

By KanarisKanaris


Any% E Ending

For use with the included autosplitter. (direct download)

By FullestFullest

Any% Ending A

You can use auto-splitter made by Fog with these splits. Make sure to run livesplit as admin if your auto-splitting is not working properly (direct download)

By RemetsuRemetsu

Glitchless Any% A

My personal splits for Glitchless of course just my own preference :) (direct download)

By FayaineFayaine

[A]ny% Splits, Subsplits, and Autosplitter Setup

Follow the link through to the Guide which has the resources as well as instructions. (external link)

By Fog (Detailed subsplits by Kanaris)