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Is it possible to have a run where the player achieves ending A-Z? I know the run will be long, will have some loading times and have the player be back from the main menu but I believe it will be an interesting and fun category for a run. If not I understand.


Yeah, it'd just require quite a bit of quest routing... for example, you couldn't get them all in order. The first ending you would probably get for times sake is ending W.


This would have been a better thing to post in the category discussion.

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On a logical stand point it's pretty useless to do an all ending run currently and very little of that would and be a serious run anyways and a huge amount of time.
Would take around 8 hrs just to do A-E.
We have a full game category for A to C or D atm anyways and that's for New Game. I don't see a single sitting rta for all endings at this time being a thing worth having as it would be very empty.

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it's a meme run, there's no point to it except just for having a little fun

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