.Downpatching to Steam version 1.01

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It’s not required to downpatch to version 1.01 if you’re running A-ending

Presently, the only tricks that the current patch 1.02 removes is the Early Tower Skip necessary for [E] ending and longer categories. Standard [A] ending categories do not need to downpatch to version 1.01 unless absolutely necessary.



Please read every step of this guide carefully.

1. You need to acquire .NET Core from Microsoft's website ( https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-core ), make sure to download the correct version for your operating system (Windows x64 for most users, but please check this).

2. Download the DepotDownloader tool from github ( https://github.com/SteamRE/DepotDownloader/releases ) and extract it somewhere you'll remember.

3. Open the folder containing "DepotDownloader.dll", type "cmd.exe" into the address bar of windows explorer and press enter to launch command line from that location.

4. Now you can enter the command to download the files for Automata version 1.01 (2017). Make sure with each of these commands to replace the <username> and <password> fields with your steam account's details. If you have Steam Guard (2-factor auth) active the command prompt window will prompt you for the code like usual.

Command to execute (all on one line):
dotnet DepotDownloader.dll -app 524220 -depot 524221 -manifest 6804539827574949545 -username <username> -password <password>

5. Wait until 100% of the depot has been downloaded. The finished download will appear in the "depots" folder. At this point, you can safely move the finished download to any storage device you wish to play Automata on.

6. Launch the NierAutomata.exe in the depot folder (first launch will take a few seconds to initialize). You can tell you're on the 1.01 patch if you have the 2017 copyright on the Title Screen (see image below), you are unable to open the development debug menus in-game, and Early Tower Skip is able to be performed at Chapter 15-01. The autosplitter script in LiveSplit will also recognize your game version as 1.01.


Adding DLC to your 1.01 installation

By default the installation will not include the DLC file we need to enable the outfits and quest items. Simply copy/paste your existing "data100.cpk" file from your current patch installation into the "data" folder of the version 1.01 installation: