Fast way to tighten bolts
5 years ago
Bretagne, France

Hi guys,

I'm currently working on the speedrun of the game. I'd like to reach the leaderboard with a pretty descent time. My main problem to be in less an hour is this one : How is it possible to tighten bolts as fast as Tyriounet ?

I tried many things, including the use of AutoHotKeys to get a fast spanner, but even with this, I'm waaaay slower than him.

Does anyone has an idea ? Maybe even you, Tyriounet ? For now, I'm taking about 27 minutes only to fix the hole body of the car.

Thanks for your answers.

Bretagne, France

Hello Guys !

Thanks to Tyriounet with whom I spoke earlier for those last 2 weeks, we found that something was wrong with tightening bolts as fast as the World Record. Since we couldn't find why, I asked directly to the devs why such a thing happened. With their agreement, here is our exchanges about the game's updates :

" From : Me To :


[Regular presentation of myself...]. Since you did a great job with My Summer Car, I thought it could be a good idea to try to break it. That's why I'm currently working on the speedrun of your game. However, the last world record is quite short, and beating it might be impossible without your help and some information from you. Let me explain :

Since scrolling up is kind of hard when it comes to speedrunning MSC, a rule has been settled to allow runners to use a script to emulate the mouse's scroll wheel. However, as it seems to work in April 2017, juste before the update of the 17th, it seems such a script doesn't work anymore. There is my question : did you make any change in the bolt screwing speed? Did you put a maximum speed we can't exceed?



From : Amistech Games To : Me

Hi! Yes there was a change where regular spanner was made slower when I introduced Ratchet Set. I don't remember about maximum speed, but it might be that there is such as well... Hopefully this answers your question :)


Guilvégane kirjoitti 23-Jul-18 klo 03:30:

From : Me To : Amistech Games


Thanks for you reply. That's perfectly what I wanted to know. Thanks to you, My Summer Car's speedrun may start again. Considering it's not possible to make such a short World Record time again, and since i'd like everyone to know that regular spanner is slower than before, would you kindly allow me to post our exchanges to, please?

Thank you for your reply.


From : Amistech Games To : Me

Of course! You can provide any information as necessary, if you have something else in mind just ask :)


Guilvégane kirjoitti 23-Jul-18 klo 23:31:

From : Me To : Amistech Games


That's very gentle of you. Since I'm allowed, can you please confirm we can't use stock tyres anymore to get the register plates at Lindell's ?


From : Amistech Games To : Me Hi! Yes you won't pass the inspection with the original tires. Also some electrical wiring is now required compared to earlier game versions :)


Guilvégane kirjoitti 23-Jul-18 klo 23:42: "

To Sum up things, it is not possible anymore to get a full speed with just regular spanners since the update of 31.07.2017 :

"-Added Ratchet Tool set for faster bolt fastening, available from parts magazine. "

With this, regular Stock Tyres can't be used to pass the inspection, A new route has to be found to get new tyres. Here is also some other minor change to take in count to new speedrunners :

30.04.2018 update :

"-Fixed issues with day sometimes advancing or not advancing when sleeping or loading"

To sum up everything, passing the Inspection now requires new Tyres, we can't tighten bolts as fast as before, and we can't cheat with daytime anymore.

Here is what concludes 2 weeks of research about this game. :) What i'll do now is updating MSC's speedrun's categories to take these updates in count.

Thank you to all the people I contacted to make it clear, and a big thank you to Tyriounet and MSC's devs for the time spent discussing about that.

Bye guys!