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A few minutes ago I was an hour into a pretty godlike run, which got ruined because Price would just stay in cover instead of going to the submarine, which was nice of him.

I'm making this thread because I've encountered this softlock before a few times, but I can't for the life of me find out what causes it. Unlike other softlocks (e.g. breaching too early on The Gulag) you can only find out it's happened when it's far, far too late, and fixing it requires restarting the level which means it's a run killer, so it'd be awesome if someone else had figured out what causes it so that it can be avoided.



Haven't had that one happen but I do get the Gulag one pretty often. How do you avoid getting the Gulag softlock?


The Gulag softlock happens if you breach too fast, you have to make sure Soap says his line and you get the checkpoint before doing the breach - I usually wait 'til the "game saved" prompt appears; wastes a few seconds, but better than having to load your save again. It's important to note that a lot of the game's triggers and objectives are reliant on when dialogue starts/finishes.

Fun fact, if you noclip out the bottom of the map you can see two instances of the sewers you go in when you drop down from the shower room - I'm assuming what happens with the softlock is that you skip dialogue which triggers you to move to the instance with Price's room and all the ending stuff, meaning you're stuck in the first instance.

This is also why if you "go out the map" to go straight to the bottom of the cell area (instead of going through the armoury and doors and climbing down the rope) you can't complete the mission - you sorta go too fast and softlock the mission


I might have an idea about it.
See if you did or did not get spotted on the forest stealth sequence (right before meet-up with Ghost's team) when you've caught the softlock - cuz to me, when i did, the game softlocked, but every run that did not include me getting caught got well.

Also, i once got softlocked on Second Sun. If you want to reproduce - throw a flash at Foley when he's talking to the message guy. He then never finishes his sentence and gets stuck in place.
Another thing you might be interested in is removing Dunn in Second Sun. I only managed to do it once, off-record, never understood how to. That let me go through as the doors opened, saving like 6 seconds.


Going to necro this super old thread because it gets a lot of views and we have now figured out what actually causes the contingency softlock (or at least I am like 99% sure, and it never happens to me when I do this.)

Basically, if you enter the forest section and trigger the btr to start shooting while you are detected/while people on the bridge are still alive, then this causes the softlock which you cannot detect for another 3ish minutes. So you must make sure all enemies in the beginning area are dead, not in last stand, and wait for prices dialogue about not being seen before you progress into this section.

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