Velocity meter

This is used to show your speed, helpful for learning strafes. Put the .dll file in your livesplit>components folder, and open the other as a layout in livesplit. Only works on official steam version of the game. (direct download)

By KloogerKlooger


All Missions Done

(direct download)

By GTFrosty


Modern Warfare 2 Any%

Splits for any% wr, as of July 2020 (direct download)

By KloogerKlooger

Modern Warfare 2 Any%

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Any% Splits features sub splits with each act and a comparison against Juskpa's 1h29min52sec. (direct download)

By PackSciencesPackSciences

Modern Warfare 2 Any%

splits as of the 1:25:21.740 Any% run (external link)

By reddaggerreddagger

MW2 Any%

Splits (direct download)

By TwiggyTwiggy