New category for Japanese and solo runs in 1 gens
2 years ago
Tokyo, Japan

I'd like to create new category for Japanese and solo runs in 1 gens. Here's a regulation.

-- In-game time is meant for the time excluding sleep breaks.

This category is meant for the glitchless Catch 'em all for Pokémon Red/ Green(Blue). One person must play both roms in parallel.

Timing is by RTA, where timer starts at New Game and ends when the first rom obtains the diploma in the Celadon Condominiums.

All Pokémon except for Mew need to be obtained. All active games must be shown for the duration of the run.

Saving and quitting (S + Q) is allowed. Hard restting the console during the run is NOT allowed. Runs must be done on Japanese version.

The main points of difference to Gen 1 Glitchlesss.

  • It's based on glitchless classic category. In Japan, glitchless classic is a major regulation.
  • Only solo player is required.
  • Only the first rom is OK to clear the condition.
  • This sentence is deleted: All games need to have defeated the E4 at some point in the run.

Here's a movie in this new category:

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Gelderland, Netherlands

Could you send me a reminder about this on wednesday? Life's been a little busy lately, I'll have a proper look than. Appologies for the delay

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Gelderland, Netherlands

@Zunow Variable has been added under the Catch 'em All category. Feel free to submit your run.

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Tokyo, Japan

Thank you for adding! I've just submitted my run.