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I think a fun category would be playing SMB 1, 2, and 3 in one run. A rough estimate of a speedrun like this would be around 25-30 minutes. For this, you would run Super Mario Bros. 1 any%. For Super Mario Bros. 2, you run also do a simple any% run. For Super Mario Bros. 3, the run would be an any% (No Wrong Warp) run. Super Mario Bros. could get something like a 4:58 - 5:30 depending on who runs this category. If I were to play it, I'd guess I would get around a 5:20 or something around that. Super Mario Bros. 2 USA I think should easily be beatable in 10:30. The Super Mario Bros. 3 without wrong warp can be done in 12 minutes or less. I really do think this is a good idea for a category. If a run of this needs to exist before anyone accepts or declines this request, I will work on one.


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The problem is, it's almost a shorter version of the Super Marihour.


We already have the Marihour, so I don't think it will be added. Good idea though! 🙂


Super Mario All-Stars has that + lost levels