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I was thinking, can you technically play two of the games at once? For instance, get a star in smg1 and during the flyback cutscene get a star in smg2. Just wondering, because this could save a fair chunk of time, and the rules say nothing against it

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This is not allowed, it should probably be stated it isn't though.

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I assumed you couldn't, but there was never any clarification on it in the rules, so I was curious. Thanks!

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Ok but is switching games multiple times allowed? e.g. do smg2 120->smg1 120->smg2 greens+grandmaster?


Playing multiple simultaneously seems like a really interesting separate category to have, for what it's worth


@keegansimyhkeegansimyh That would classify as playing 2 games at once because you did not finish SMG2 yet. Rule is pretty simple: when you start a game you have to finish it before you start the run of the next game in your game order.

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