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because SMG2 242 isnt just 2 120 runs back to back like SMG1 is. its like this because the SMG1 community formally agree that the 100% category should be 120 stars but the SMG2 community agree that the 100% category should be 242 stars.

Its mainly just a quality of life thing

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Not to mention the fact that it adds over 6 hours onto a speedrun that's already a day and a half long, a 40+ hour speedrun would be unreasonably long, and the SMG1 242 would be the same thing twice

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It adds literally nothing to the run. You’re just doing the same 6 hour segment twice for absolutely no reason at all and it removes the entertainment factor for both Viewers and Players
The mods adding this would be ridiculously stupid

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There are quite a few things wrong with your statements:
1) First of all I'd like to point out that you should never feel limited by what categories are available to you on, even if they're not in the specially designed category extentions. As a full grown mature man, you should be able to make your own decisions on how you want to approach and play the video games that you do speedruns of. Being tied down to a leaderboard shows a great sign of striving for fame and fame only, which is, as the majority amongst speedrunners would agree, not what the core of speedrunning should be. Simply put, if you want to do the run, fine, do it. Perhaps if you raise enough attention for it yourself the category might even get added to the leaderboard after all! And all of your problems will be solved and you will be able to live a happy life ever after.

2) The analogy you make between galaxy 1 and 2 is wrong in at least three different ways. First of all is the statement that we collect 120 stars as both luigi and mario in galaxy 1 and 2 a pure spreading of misinformation and fake news, as any sane runner collects exactly 71 stars as mario, and 171 as luigi (not counting the duplicate last bowser star at the end of the 120 star run for luigi, of course). Aside from that even if you somehow managed to reach 242 stars by collecting 120 stars as both mario and luigi (120 + 120 = 242??????), it would still not apply to galaxy 1, as there you actually DO collect onehundredandtwentyONE stars as both mario and luigi, which are completely the same by the way so they're not unique power stars which is what the whole point of the category is in the first place.

3) My most serious point, partially referring back to point 1). You aggressively asking why there isn't a 1982 is in my eyes actually very disrespectful to the people who have put in all their effort in actually running the category which is already an insane achievement on its own, you disregarding that and asking for an even longer category just perfectly goes to show the kind of backseat type of viewer that you really are, which as you might not know is not very often appreciated all that much in these kinds of people's streams, so I would change up that attitude aswell if I were you before it comes to affect you on a more personal level.

4) Lastly I would just like to point out the hilarious mathematical mistake you made, and for me the true answer to your post of why there isn't a 1982. You might not have noticed yet, but 1862 - 120 + 242 does not actually add up to your proposed number of 1982, rather to the much less nice-looking number 1984. Which would of course not be a very nice category to have as it would show the direct relationship between any modern speedrunners' twitch chat, and the dystopian futuristic society that the residents of the UK in the book "1984" by George Orwell live in. Naming a category after this book would probably not give a very good image of what the 3D Mario speedrunning community stands behind, as we would like to not endorse such behaviour in our community as it is already full enough of 9-year olds.

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There is no point in adding a category that first of all: hasn't been done yet. Second: Given that SMG 242 as a run is already unpopular and if you notice how long the 1862 already is, then I think you can see why it doesn't exist and why we have chosen to do 120 instead of 242 in the 1862, 982 and 602 runs.

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^This is coming from the guy that likes to run 1862 and runs it consistently at times, so if there is anyone that would run this, it would be him, so given the fact that he along with everyone else agrees that this category is pointless and unpopular, there really is no point to adding it.