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You may use virtual console, a 3ds to play ds games and so and so. Emu is not accepted at the current moment. All runs need a video, times below 1:30:00.00 are treated with suspicion so we recommend you stream and provide links. Timer/Stopwatch can't be paused, even when switching games.Multiple copies of one console are allowed. All games are any%

New Super Mario Bros. (
New Super Mario Bros. Wii (
New Super Mario Bros. 2 (
New Super Mario Bros. U (

Games must be played in this order

Starts when the screen goes black after selecting the NSMBDS in the menu or resetting in the VC menu and ends on the final hit on bowser in NSMBU

So wat do u think, if u think yea then copy paste those rules. I don't own nsmbw and my copy of nsmbu broke.

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I'm pretty sure there's a rule on this page that says you have to do a run of the category before it's added.

Also it would be impossible to get a time lower than 1:30:00


What kind of trilogy is made of 4 games ?

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what about nslu?

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I added all the wr runs up, even with loading times you can get 1:14:00-1:15:00, but you have to on a wild pace for that, like on wr pace on all 4 games


edi: I changed it to new super mario quadthon


What categories are you adding for each game? You can get a 1:15 if NSMBU wasn't in the category. Adding all the WR's together I got 1:54:25 so I'm not sure where you're getting this 40 minute time save from.


incorrect calculator?


Virtual console for NSMBW is inaccurate due to loading times being faster. therefore it's NOT allowed. For NSMB1 virtual console is allowed. Emulator is allowed for NSMB1, but banned for every other game (Loading times being inaccurate etc.) Using homebrew software methods for NSMB2 is banned. Times under 2:10:00 require video. Times under 2:05:00 are treated with suspicion. So a picture of the console and copy for NSMBW, NSMB2 and NSMBU is recommended. Splits are also recommended if you have the ability to. You must include the time to switch games as well. Any personal best when running this category is allowed to be submitted on the certain game's leaderboard. Before running the category it is recommended that you should watch through the opening cutscene for NSMBW because timer for that game starts first input.


If I wanted to run this catagory do I need to sit through the entire credits or can I just immediately switch games as soon as I hit the final switch/axe?


Every multi-game run I've ever seen lets you move on to the next game the second you've beaten the first one. You don't have to sit through the credits.

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