It most likely is.
I think the general rule is that all platforms are allowed as long as you don't get an advantage from it. I don't know why you'd want to run on iQue Player considering Emu, Wii VC, and Switch are all cheaper and easier to get.


Yes, I don't think this has ever been clarified but it's an official version of SM64 so it should be allowed for 70 and 120 Star in Multi Mario runs.

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Not mainline games, Wario Land is Wario, has nothing to do with a Super Mario game, same goes for Yoshi's Island. NSLU is just NSMBU but slightly different so not it's standalone game, which is why we don't consider it as a mainline game. It is included in NSMB Series cause the NSMB community wanted it so and it sorta makes sense I think.

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