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Here is the list of what Odme, Flygon and me are currently officially organizing with Stats stream and everything:
Plans have recently changed with us stopping to organize 1120 Races due to missing popularity, so I took the opportunity and moved race dates for 246 and Sandbox Any% races further apart from each other.

Because you might have a question or 2 when reading the pastebin, let me try to answer them already:

What does NA-friendly and so on mean?
With NA-friendly, EU-friendly and so on I'm referring to the starting time, with NA-friendly being our traditional 9AM EST/EDT starting time that is being used for the 602 Races. EU-friendly takes a nice 9AM CET/CEST while Australian-friendly goes for a 9AM AEDT/AEST start for Australia.

Why are the 602 Races set to June and December when people get to vote about when it's happening?
For the 602 it's important that this is just the rough planning. The 602 during Winter has always been in December and it doesn't look like it's gonna change any soon, but for the Summer we have had the 602 in July. Usually all races are late in the month and with the Summer 602 having the late June/early July area to happen, I set it to June to make it nicer to read. The 602 Races are the only races with voting options as they are the main events of our community.
The same voting idea is also being used for 540 and 1862 Relay Races.

Is this gonna change at some point?
Maybe, maybe not. We'll see what will change on our leaderboard with popularity, new games coming out that are set to join some of the categories because of our definitions and so on. But for now this is our plan for 2021 at least. A change has been made to include 540 and 1862 Relay races with the arrival of Flygonman in our Mod team.

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