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All Games Splits:
50cc SMK
100cc SMK
150cc SMK
50cc MK64
100cc MK64
150cc MK64
Mirror MK64
Staff Ghosts MK64
MKSC 50cc
MKSC 100cc
MKSC 150cc
MKDD 50cc
MKDD 100cc
MKDD 150cc
MKDD Mirror
MKDD Staff Ghosts
MKDS 50cc
MKDS 100cc
MKDS 150cc
MKDS Mirror
MKDS Staff Ghosts
MKWii 50cc
MKWii 100cc
MKWii 150cc
MKWii Mirror
MKWii Staff Ghosts
MK7 50cc
MK7 100cc
MK7 150cc
MK7 Mirror
MK7 Staff Ghosts
MK8 50cc
MK8 100cc
MK8 150cc
MK8 Mirror
MK8 200cc
MK8 Staff Ghosts


Why... just why...

First off, 50 and 100cc are just a boring version of 150cc which would just make the run unecessary long and boring.
Then, why even combine all? Your essentially playing each game 4 times which would be really boring, not even mentioning how absurdly long that would be.

And theres already been a thread for this: "Mario Kart Octathlon":
Which hasn't been added yet as you need to do a run of it first and no one did yet (@GamingLand posted a link to that).


BlueYOSHI you can do a category where you only have to do 150cc or Mirror.

blueYOSHIblueYOSHI likes this. 

Yes, and there are already some rules in the above linked thread. Ill probably try to do a run at some point (just need to get good at SMK...)

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