Multiple Mario Games Forum  /  Which is the hardest 3D Mario game to speedrun?

Is it . . .

A: Super Mario 64

B: Super Mario 64 Ds

C: Super Mario 64(3D All Stars Version)

D : Super Mario Sunshine

E: Super Mario Sunshine(3D All Stars Version)

F: Super Mario Galaxy 01

G: Super Mario Galaxy 01(3D All Stars Addition)

H: Super Mario Galaxy 02

I: Super Mario 3D Land

J: Super Mario 3D World

K: Super Mario 3D World(+Bowsers Fury thing)

L: Bowser's Fury

M: Super Mario Odyssey

N: A other Mario game I forgot to mention

O: All equal


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1- the 3D all stars version of the games have little to no changes to the original games, so it is unnecesary to put them in the list
2- edition, not addition, unless you're adding the games together
3- you are the first person that i know of that add a 0 infornt of the numbers for super mario galaxy, nobody else does that, this isn't a computer list with dozens of mario galaxies, there are just 2, name them 1 and 2 please
4- just like with 3D all stars, the nintendo switch version of 3D world has little to no gameplay changes, so once again it's not needed for that to be in the list
5- AN other game, not A other game, a is only for when the word coming next starts with a consonant.
6- wrong too for option P, to is a direction, too is what you should've used here
7- i'm voting option P

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@SuperM789SuperM789. Since you like correct English so much, let's take a look at your response.
1 - No capitalization for the first letter of the sentence in any points.
2 - No full stops/periods for anything (besides point 5).
3 - Another is 1 word.
4 - 'Nintendo' and 'Switch' are meant to be capitalized.
5 - 'All-Stars' requires a hyphen.
6 - In your 6th point, after the 'p', you should have used a period. Also in your 3rd point, after 'galaxy' and 'that', they must be periods since. Also in your 5th point, after the second 'game', you should have used a period there.
7 - Also in point 3, you should have used 'adds' instead of 'add'. Also, you typed 'infornt' when the correct phrase is 'in front'.
8 - Also in point 3, 'galaxies' is incorrect. Since you are referring to the name of the game, you should have typed 'Galaxy's'. Also, the 'm' in 'mario' needs to be capitalized. Also, 'super mario galaxy' is the name of a game and thus, every word needs a capital first letter.

This is the internet, not a college essay. You don't need perfect grammar, spelling or punctuation to get a message across. You aren't going to get anywhere with people in life if you nit-pick things that don't matter.

Also, i vote for option D.

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Yeah, I can correct it. It is good to remember these things over the summer so you don't forget.
1- The 3D All-Stars version of the games have little to no changes from the original games, so it is unnecessary to put them on the list.
2- The correct term is 'edition,' not 'addition.'
3- You are the first person that I know of, to add a '0' in front of the numbers for Super Mario Galaxy. Nobody else does that. This isn't a computer list with dozens of Super Mario Galaxys. There are just 2, so name them as such. (Because Galaxy is used in a proper form, the plural uses an 's')
4- Just like with 3D All-Stars, the Nintendo Switch version of 3D World has little to no gameplay changes; similar to before, there is no need to include it.
5- The proper term is 'an other' game, not 'a other' game. 'A' is used only when the word after it begins with a consonant sound.
6- You used the wrong form of 'too' in the phrasing for option P.
7- I will vote option P.


Also there are some untrue things in this. I won't use proper grammar because I'm lazy.
3D World for switch is actually very different. The game is overall much faster paced, jumps are lower, gyro makes the game easier for beginners, momentum is stored differently, and the out-of-bounds glitch in World Bowser is patched. This means you don't actually need to carry a catsuit to that point for Any%, making the game overall easier for beginners.

3D All-Stars does have minor gameplay changes, making it easier for Galaxy on Switch. It isn't enough to separate the choices, but it is enough to be able to say one is technically more beginner friendly than the other.

It is generally difficult to compare the games though. I would argue Sunshine may be the hardest to learn, but Odyssey and 64 are the hardest at top level due to how optimized they are. It's rare to see someone who exceeds in 1-2 of the games, also perform at a top level for the other ones. I only know a few off the top of my head, however even these people have a game they aren't necessarily too confident in.


i probably say A or D but well is hard to determinate and is pretty relative so ye

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random curious person: ´ takes a topic about speedruns ´
automaticaly 90% of the internet: lets talk about grammar


We do a little trollin'


Why did this turn into a correct my grammar form?

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the hardest is the 4C

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I had my troubles learning SMS, but thats about it I think. Took me a few months to figure out how to even play the game as I've never done it ahead of trying to learn to speedrun it cause I already decided to go all in on Multi Mario runs back then.

Also a little reminder to some people: you only end up being an asshole when you complain about grammar, instead of helping to fix it. This is not school or your workplace. Be nice to each other.

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so i think the hardest 3D Mario Game to Speedrun is Def Sm64. Mostly Because of the Movement and the Tricks u do (cannonless, Owlless,100 Coins are pretty Hard and Scary like DDD100, TTC100, RR100 and THI100) and its pretty hard to be a good Runner in SM64 cuz u reset so much at failing stuff like getting good 100 Coins or missing cannonless or owlless. I would also say Mario Sunshine is one of the easier games cuz the only hard thing in sms is to remember all blue coins in 120 and of course RNG is pretty Dumb sometimes. But yea sm64 and smg2 are the 2 Hardest games to Learn.


No, SM64DS is not allowed for SM64, as they are technically different games


Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA) isn't a 3D game so it wouldn't qualify.

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