In the 1862, why is it just SM64, SMS, SMG, SMG2, SM3DW, and SMO.
How come SM3DL or Bowsers Fury isn't there? They Count as a 3D mario game?

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Bowser's Fury isn't included because the 1862 was created before the release of Bowser's Fury, also Bowser's Fury is more of a side game than anything. 3DL isn't in it because the 1862 is a console 3D Mario 100%. If 3DL or Bowser's Fury was included they would have to be completly seperate categorys (but it is very unlikely that it they would be added). I will say someone has completed a 1962 (1862 + Bowser's Fury) but no one else would want to do it.

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