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I actually have an idea for this: Mario 726: Basically is the Super Mario Galaxy series, including the 3DAS version. You do 242 Stars in SMG1 Wii, 242 Stars in SMG2 Wii and 242 Stars in SMG1-3DAS. I think this is a better category for Super Mario Galaxy Series but I just posted that here.

726 because 242 + 242 + 242 = 726 Stars


there shouldnt realy be a lot of diference betwen the original version of smg1 and the remake in switch, they kinda are the same game, so yea making it 2 times doesnt sound realy well
tho idk how much of a thing is smg1+smg2 rn, that sounds cool for category extensions


@KilleDragonKilleDragon wait till you look more deep on SMGCE boards


i had a brain aneurysm thinking about running this.

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oh okey in the smgce is xd
well then