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I.e. without Galaxy 2 so it doesn't get too long. Would anyone be interested in running that?


I would if I had the games, although right now a Galaxy 1 and 2 run would be nice


@MutantsAbyss Congrats on the PB! I do think you can justify dropping the remaining sequel (Galaxy 2), seeing as SM64 DS already isn't part of the category.
What do you think?


Personally, I think Galaxy 2 is an integral part of the 3D Mario speedruns. SM64DS is a remake of SM64, not a sequel. Galaxy 2 is an entirely new game with tons of new content. I can see the appeal of not doing Galaxy 2 because it makes the whole thing so much shorter. But to me, if I'm gonna commit to something like an 1862, then I might as well just go all the way. Like I said though, I can totally see the appeal of not doing Galaxy 2, but I don't think it should be added to the leaderboard.

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One upside I see about 1620 is that it could be run parallel to the 602 race, as it would take about the same time. This would give the runners a choice between running all 3D Mario games of the early period, or all "first" 3D Mario games of any period.

I personally would prefer a run with the length of the 602 to be less than 70% Galaxy 1+2