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by the way now for super mario 3d world is allowed the switch version?


holy shit i forgot about this. do i even still have $100

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If you don't have it I don't even care about the money I just wanna do it lol


yall realize sum of wrs is a 39:0X right, have fun with that


Of course I do, I made a sheet of WR times, my times, my goals. All that. I ain't going into this blind


Depending on when, I'd be willing to put an extra $100 on it


For BOTW 100%, they do the run in multiple parts. Why don't you apply that ruleset to this run? You could just do the run in 1,000,000,000,000 segments under 100 hours and you get breaks.


son just create a BTT like in super mario odyssey lol

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