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If people wanted to run this, they would have already. We don't need a bunch of empty categories sitting around waiting to be run. If you think it's a good idea, do a run of it yourself and show everyone how much fun you had. And if you don't even want to run it, why would anyone else want to?

And even if we ¤did¤ want new category ideas (make no mistake, we don't), Galaxy 1 242 has no place in a 7-million-hour-long marathon. Galaxy 1 doesn't have 242 stars in it. It has 121 stars that you can get credit for a second time. If someone's going to sit down and spend 45 hours playing mario games, the last thing they're gonna want to do is play one of them twice in a row


Its "hard" category


ok it can be 120 smg1 stars i just went too over board


aslo the 150 stars of sm64ds can be removed as well


im just gonna get an better idea xd and delete this crap


1589 is a bad idea because 3dl 335 medals without streetpass (assuming that's what you'd do) hasn't ever been routed yet because it would require you to change the 3ds clock a bunch, and is just a dumb extension of special ending. There's also mystery box rng, which would be a pain to deal with. Also 242 galaxy 1 is redundant and no one would ever want to do that in a marathon run like this.