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I think there should be a New Super Mario Bros. Series category in which you complete:

-New Super Mario Bros. (DS)
-New Super Mario Bros. Wii
-New Super Mario Bros. 2
-New Super Mario Bros. U
-New Super Luigi U (maybe?)

I have been thinking this for a while and so has the NSMB. community for a very long time
Just a suggestion?

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This sounds like a great idea!


I agree.

  [user deleted]

NSLU isn't a mario game. Also, I doubt anyone would run this, but maybe that's just me.


I certainly would! (Especially if it was part of a 602-esque race)


I would run this


I'd totally run this


just a reminder that this thread exists

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If you want a category added, please do a run of it before asking. We didn't add 982 until MarioMan said he would like to have one after he finished his. Also, Handheld Mario Series is empty because someone DID do a run, but never ended up submitting for some reason. 😕

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just saying, the nsmb community is planning to do a relay of this. including luigi u 🙂


I made a thread about this before this one.


Coming from a person that speedruns a couple of the games (Which is me) i would love running this. Might need to get the NSMBU + NSLU bundle so i can switch faster though. My weakness out of those i would say is NSMB2 but i could easily learn that game alot more. And would turning the wii u off and back on be allowed? Because that would be a even better reason for me to get the NSMBU bundle (If it saves time)