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I like the idea! If I was a mod on this, I'd have approved it by now!

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I think that's a bit too much, id say either with or without NSLU.

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Why should NSLU be excluded when it's a definite part of this Mario sub-series?

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It kinda sucks that I can only capture NSMBW at the current time. I will start running this once I can capture the other 3 systems.


im okay with this, i dont think adding NSLU is needed. it would just make the category less enjoyable probably. Make Odme add this heh


Why not? It's part of the sub-series, as I pointed out earlier. Seems a little weird to exclude NSLU just for that reason.


I think having this category is a great idea! I wonder how this category wasn't added when the Marihour and NES Warpless Trilogy categories were added. I wish I could speedrun that category but I'm only good at NSMB DS. XD


So, with the reveal of New Super Mario Bros U. Deluxe, what should we do with this?

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This will now be known as Old New Super Mario Bros. Series Any%

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Should we add it as a category?