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So why exactly is this rule a thing? This just seems like a punch in the balls to anyone planning on running.


Because we don't want people going to sleep during the 602 and just having them be on the race on SRL the entire time. Plus they would just be DQ'd anyway iirc. I think 1 hour is a fine amount of time to get food or something lol


1h is already stretching it. Your stream on Twitch would get taken down for long inactivity. For something like the 602 they would understand though. The whole point of the 602 is the challenge to complete it within 1 go and not with naps in between 😛

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Honestly 20-30 hours is not too long, it seems like you could do it without any breaks, you already get like 25 mins anyway with the sms opening cutscene, the credits in smg1, and the 2 credits in smg2, so mot unreasonable.

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it is a rule on SRL that you aren't allowed to be away for more than 1 hour, I'm fairly sure that was part of the reason the rule was added to the 602 rule sheet. But 30 hours is very doable, I think it's fairly safe to assume most people that sign up would want to do it one sitting anyway

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