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Hello, My name is JJ, and I have a new category suggestion!
This category is Console+Handheld Series Any%
Let's start off what the games and categories are:
Super Mario Bros. Any%
Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels Any% 8-4
Super Mario Bros. 2 Any%
Super Mario Land Any%
Super Mario Bros. 3 Any% (No Wrong Warp)
Super Mario World 11 Exit
Super Mario Land 2 Any% Glitchless
Super Mario 64 0/1/16 Star
Super Mario Sunshine Any%
Super Mario 64 DS Any%/8/50 Star
New Super Mario Bros. Any%
Super Mario Galaxy Any%
New Super Mario Bros. Wii Any%
Super Mario 3D Land Any%
New Super Mario Bros. 2 Any%
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Any%
New Super Mario Bros. U Any%
Super Mario 3D World Any%
Super Mario Odyssey Any%
And there are the games! Put your own rules here. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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- Complete each game in the way that Console Series Any% or Handheld Series Any% completes it
- You are allowed one 9 hour sleep break at some point during the run

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I am agree with the 9 hours break xd


Oh wait that 9 hour break system, which Breath of the Wild introduced for 100%, is not even implemented in the 602. This suggestion is shorter than the 602

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Dude, is a category with a WR of more tan 21 hours.
I not been 21 hours without sleep, dude! jaja XD

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@KilleDragonKilleDragon What are you talking about? Console series WR is 13:35:42 and Handheld series WR is 2:48:20.
Together that's 16:24:02. Way less than 21 hours.
The 9 hour break rule is really not necessary for this category.

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@DoubleDubbelDoubleDubbel I mean in the 602 lol

And, by the way, in all case, for me is to much also more tan 16 hours lmao.
Maybe not 9 hours to sleep, but I think that would be so nice to can take a break of maybe like 1 hour for all the categories with an WR of more tan 8 hours lmao

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if you want to suggest a category for the leaderboards you need to have done a run of it yourself and record it. Then it can be discussed wether it should be added to the leaderboards

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@360Chrism360Chrism is not to be respectfull, I understand, bu I think is always the same logic, "you do the run, and then can be discussed".
I think that is a good idea to share the category idea when you have the idea before to do the run, and during he prepare the run a he do it, can be discussed if is a Good idea or not; and if the mods (you lol) decide that is a good category idea, is in that moment when he share the run and you or another mod create a category in respect of that run.
I dont understand why cant be discussed before to do the run jaja lmao.
But its okey.


What about All Mario games?