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I've been running a category that I've been calling the Japanese NES Mario Trilogy. It's SMB1, SMB2J, and SMB3. I think it has been a ton of fun. I have wanted to do a multiple Mario game speedrun for a while and started learning all four any% but I just couldn't get into SMB2USA. This category is shorter (and sweeter) than all four, and makes a lot of sense as a premise I think. Here's the link to my PB: Let me know what you guys think. 🙂 Edit: Thought I should clarify that SMB3 would be a no wrong warp run.

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I'm definitely running this ... it's been in my goals list for a while

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I almost qualified for the category, but I threw smb2 in the middle as well. Fun idea!

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great category idea that I think everyone would enjoy. I give it a thumbs up

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Sounds good to me!

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I think it would be better if it was smb3 any% with wrong warp because that's what true any% is. and it would also be less similar to marihour.

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We could do that I suppose. I understand that the NWW rule feels a bit arbitrary, but I just feel like a lot more runners will run it if it's NWW. Also I don't think it's that close to Marihour. Excluding SMB2USA, SMW and SM64 makes this very very different. Edit: Also the MariHour specifies NWW for SMB3, so there's a precedent for it.


I like the idea. However you’d need to run SMB3J (which is different) which doesn’t appear to be the case in the video. I’d specify “No ACE” in the rules or category name to make it SMB3 No WW.

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I like the idea and, although I can't run it, it would be very entertaining to see attempts of this category.

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