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We've been getting a lot of runs submitted without video trying to get an easy top 3 spot in categories like 982, Console Series Any%, and Marihour. Unless you participated in a 602 race, 246 race, or aren't top 5 when submitting your time, PLEASE have video for submitting runs. Thank you. 🙂

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But videos must be streamings?


Nah, my handheld series and 246 runs are youtube videos. As long as you have video evidence and can prove you actually did it.


are you allowed to submit a run you did yourself without video that isnt top 5? because i wanna do a 602 run somewhere in the future and i cant stream and there is no way i can record a whole run with just a 32GB ipad. thanks.


yeah that's fine, as long as it isn't a super good time.


so if where over 5th we dont need a vod

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