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Hi everyone,

Me and a friend were potentially looking at doing a blind 246 race in the next couple months, since it seems more reasonable to complete in one sitting than a blind 602.

Looking at some threads talking about SMS here, it looks like playing the game completely blind would cause the final star count to be higher than 246.

I was just wondering how many total stars a blind run would pick up in the "246" and what a completely blind estimate might be? (For planning purposes)


SMS has 50 shines if you don't do pinna 5 skip or gelato skip. It has 51 if you do Bianco 1.


And that's still a 246 even if you collect more than 246 stars/shines?


Well I wouldn't think it would be worth creating a new category for, and it really is the same categories of all 4 of those games, just adding a few stars that we wouldn't know how to skip. Thanks for the estimates though! That gives a good idea.

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I feel like a lot of people underestimate the length of sms blind
SMS is a hard game (comparatively)


sms blind for me was 11 hours although that was a 96 shine playthrough so more like 4-5 any%


246 is just a number. Aside from 70 Star in SM64, all the other categories are just beat the game as fast as possible (Any%). You don't NEED to get 61 stars in galaxy, 44/45/50/51 shines in SMS, or 71 in galaxy 2. You just need to beat the games. 246 is the lowest amount you can have by beating the games as fast as possible.


So if you're going into 246 blind, I would recommend beating SM64 with 70 stars no more no less, but the other games don't really matter.