SMG Routes (Any% and 120 Stars)

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Here is a list of currently found SMG routes found on their SRC resources and the stuff listed for 3DAS on that resources list (as of May 1st 2021):



Any% "Pushback 2.1" Route (Easier Route): | Made by @ro__moneyro__money

Description: This route is the same for both characters. This is a modified version of the Pushback II route that rearranges the Kitchen route for slightly faster star orders, penguin cycles in Beach Bowl 3 and S, and to make collecting starbits easier for Sweet Sweet.


Any% No Battlerock Route (Fastest Route): | Made by @AlaeusAlaeus, @xzRockinxzRockin, @ro__moneyro__money

Description: This route is about 35 seconds faster than Pushback 2.1, and it trades Battlerock 2, 3, and C for Space Junk 3, Slingpod, and Ghostly 2. This route is EXTREMELY tight on starbits, so only do it if you are VERY confident in your starbit collection. If using 2P, get rid of Good Egg 3 and add Loopdeeloop after Honeyhive 3. The route is far more lenient with 2P. You can also make this change with the 3D All-Stars version, but it is still relatively tight. If you get Battlerock 1 OOB, collect starbits in Rolling Green and Beach Bowl 1. You can technically avoid starbits in Good Egg 2, but obviously that makes it much tighter. If using Mario, some of the starbit counts might have to be adjusted. Route made by Alaeus with adjustments by xzRockin and ro_money.


120 Star "Long Island Limbo" Route: | Made by @ro__moneyro__money, @TheMine2001TheMine2001, @Iamatruegam3rIamatruegam3r, @AlaeusAlaeus

Description: Fastest 120 Star route as of 29 April 2020, Saves ~25 seconds over the "Kansas City Shuffle" route by reinstating Rolling Green tutorial skip and some faster observatory movement. Be aware that starbits are tight for 2P if you skip Slingpod grinding because Sweet Sweet is done immediately after Slingpod. REQUIRES 400 STAR BITS BY SLING POD, 13TH STAR IN

Note: This is also the same route as used for 3DAS!


3DAS - SMG Any% Current Fastest: | Made by @AlaeusAlaeus

Description: Route made by Alaeus. Current most consistent route.


Older routes can be found here (Published by @ClaireClaire ):