SMS Routes and Guides (Any% and 120 Shines)

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All SMS guides and stuff I can find for Any% and 120 as of May 15th 2021:



Guides and Routes by @MilkMilk and @DutchjDutchj (Any% and 120 Shines):

Milk and Dutchj made a Multi-Use Guide for all things SMS, so if you need something this should get you started. Here is also Dutchj's Sunshine Tutoring playlist:


120 Shines route by @SB_runsSB_runs :

A modified and to my knowledge faster version of the Bramz route, made by SB. More recommended towards intermediate level than beginner.


120 Shines routes (including Glitchless) by @BramzBramz :

Most people talk about Bramz' route when talking about beginner 120 routes. This sheet even includes a Glitchless route if you wanna consider going without knowledge into a SMS 120 run for say a 602 Race. If you need a more outdated version from 2018 in a different style, I converted this into a presentation similar to the style of SMO All Moons routes: I use slightly different descriptions for blue coins, in any case I can recommend watching the runs. Feel free to copy my presentation and edit it to suit your style if you want to take this as your baseline for your route.