Using Subsplits for Multi Mario runs

By BloodDergBloodDerg Last updated

As some of you might now, I personally like to use subsplits for Multi Mario runs. They give the advantage of segmenting the games of a run way clearer, allowing to show a timer for the game itself and stuff like that. So here goes a quick explainer on how to set that up:

To make a split a subsplit, just add a - in front of it, like this:


Now the segment would be called Example2, with both splits as subsplits for that segment. But you can give it custom names aswell! To give a segment a custom name, put these { } in front of the split name and put in your custom name in there:


Now the segment is called Example3, with the splits still showing as Example1 and Example2 for that segment. Make sure you use the subsplits and not the normal splits in your Livesplit layout, otherwise the - and { } will show and all are just normal splits without any of the fancy stuff!

It's also recommended to have setup splits between each game, to accurately time each run of each game so you can go for more than just the overall run PB! Have fun and good luck with your runs!