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Finish Tutorial-

Time starts when the world loads in.
You have to complete all tutorial missions up until placing a workbench.
Time ends when you place the workbench.

All Workspaces-

Time starts when the world loads in.
To complete the category you need to place each of the following:

-Fletching Table

Time stops upon placing last workspace.

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eat%, time to eat a food of any kind

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All Guardians%

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Also Obtain 15 wheat percent% cause i just got an insane run for that (structureless of course)

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low% - get as little achievements as possible while still killing bob


Ummm every single one i saw was bad how about first to get a legendary item. Its RNG legendary chest run is beat easy and its hard to get. you can leave and join really fast. Workbench meet and others are easy to do every somewhat decent player can get meet in like 5-6 seconds maybe sooner if you get a good spawn. Legendary item you can open a free chest and im sure 80% of the time you get a common. and 9% you get a rare. But only once i have opened a free chest right off the bat and got a legendary. Idk just something


Already posted those on the discord but:

Full inventory:
Fill your inventory ( cannot use the same item twice )

For example, you can't: have your inventory full of wood.

Only unique items!

Make a new category with variables such as

wood chest, blue chest, gold chest ( already existing category ) and ALL chests.

Mineral%: Same idea as above

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kill first boss

kill the 3 things that spawn when you interact with the piller


Another idea: first to kill all three types of statues: chunks: gronks: and Guardians

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Although I do agree that something along the lines of All Guardians%/Guardian% is a good idea, there are already quite a few categories to speedrun on Muck. Not only that, but this game is fairly new, meaning it will receive updates quite often.

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A category where the objective is to kill ur teammate

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Make caveman a main category

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kill 1 guardian speedrun

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Drown%, basically you just drown as fast as possible. random seed and no random seed



New update, new runs.


maniac% - Spawn 1 of each boss in any order without killing any of them, gronk, chunk, buff guardian (any), and chief. Sounds fun 😃

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Maybe some categories:
boss rush: kill all bosses as fast as possible.
boss cahllenge: kill all bosses while simultaneously.
massive multiplayer: normal categories what already persistent in the game, but with player limit from 9 and to "as much as it can possibly be". Maybe even 200-300 men if your computer will not die - its like "Massive multiplayer" category in Factorio run.

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all rare drops - get every item that says "(user) got (rare item)" like every item that glows red when dropped


Rock% Speedrun the game and get the achievement MUCK

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