Superstar% - Wario - Guide

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Wario Star Missions:

1.) Smack more than 2 hits in a game!
2.) Become a captain and win more than 900 coins!
3.) Get a Gnarly Garlic!
4.) Get a hit with Mario!
5.) Pitch and bat with the Phony Ball and win the game!
6.) Strike out Mario!
7.) Get a red gem in Chain Chomp Sprint!
8.) Get more than 200 coins in the Toy Field!
9.) Belt a home run with Mario!
10.) Get more than 5 RBIs in the game!

Waluigi Star Mission:

1.) Strike 'em out!
2.) Win MVP!!
3.) Get a Whiskered Eggplant!
4.) Win with a shutout!
5.) Strike out Luigi!
6.) Get a runner out with a laser beam throw!
7.) Smack more than 3 hits in a game!
8.) Clear all minigames!

Magikoopa Star Missions:

1.) Drop a sacrifice bunt!
2.) Strike 'em out!
3.) Make a big play with a magical catch!
4.) Win MVP!!

Boo Star Missions:

1.) Smack a hit!
2.) Get 3 strikeouts in a game!
3.) Smack more than 2 hits in a game!
4.) Win with a shutout!

King Boo Missions:

1.) Smack a hit!
2.) Get a Team Star!
3.) Smack a hit with a charge swing!
4.) Make a jumping catch!
5.) Hit a home run!
6.) Be the MVP in the last game!

Petey Piranha Missions:

1.) Crack a long hit!
2.) Place first in Piranha Panic!
3.) Hit a home run!
4.) Shut out Mario's team and win!
5.) Crush someone with a body check!
6.) Catch the ball more than 5 times in a game!