Nintendont for runs?
5 years ago
Valencia, Spain

I havent got the physical disc and i gonna starting running This game

Arizona, USA

No worries, as someone who has the disc but doesn't have access currently, plenty of my records are on emulators. Don't sweat it.

United States

Has it been proven that emu is equal to console in regards to load times/frame rate? Been considering running this and noticed wr is on emu. I plan on running on console and wouldn't want to compete at a disadvantage. I ask because many gcn communities ban emu or make it a separate category.

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United States

Just watched your run Blitz. Epic popoff lmao

Arizona, USA

Whoa it's SilentWolf! Yeah man I believe the load times for this game specifically are almost indistinguishable from my experience. We haven't run any tests per say, as the community is just now starting to pick up steam after all this time, but it doesn't look there's any noticeable gap.

Texas, USA

Im currently going through the src page for MSB and cleaning it up, for more questions or info check out