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I wanted to see if one of my childhood games had any runs uploaded to this site. But it seems to be empty. Is there a reason why there are no runs? I kinda want to install this game again and do a run. Is there something I should know beforehand?

I would appreciate any replies about this, thank you.


Faulty and I both did a race a couple years ago on a whim and he quick whipped up a leaderboard from there, and there is still evidence for both of our runs. The problem is that we looked at the game seriously for maybe a week and forgot to keep up-to-date from there.

Thanks for reminding us to go back to do that though, probably wouldn't have remembered to ever submit to this otherwise.

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I see, you're welcome. I'm kinda shocked to see a game that has barley any speedruns on it. Especially when the prequel has some runs. I might actually post a run soon enough. It would be fun to play this game again.