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What's the Stand on EMU? Duckstation? I've ran Moto Racer 1 and it's split into Console/PC/EMU now.. can that be done here so I can run this game as I have some runs to submit already. I am more than happy to also give my EMU settings to add a rule set for people to run it at the same settings when submitting EMU runs?

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Finally, someone who cares about this game xD. I wish I could answer your question but I'm sadly not a mod.

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Hey, sorry for the late response. I'm the most active moderator left here and still check this site maybe once a week... as this is the case there never was really a discussion about emulation.

My thoughts are that emulator is fine as long as it's not getting a leg up on official hardware.

With that being said it does put duckstation in some iffy places. Overall as long as you're not overclocking the emu past what a ps2 can do I see no issue though. For the time being I would submit them under playstation and clarify in submission what emu and version you're using.

Wisconsin, USA

Also I can try to get a hold of nova over the next few days to see if I can get some moderation shifted around.


To make the question more clear. We think it's okay to do emulated runs on PS1. If you make a new forum post about your Duckstation settings then you can submit PS1 runs however you please. As long as the game runs how it would run on OG hardware I'm all for it. I really want this game to get new runs and new people joining this niece community.

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